The following are fellow brothers of mine whom are going to/whom work closely with me.
We aim to recruit young, like minded and driven people into our team;
to share experiences, to encourage, to conquer the world together.

POOR DAD: Go and get your degree and try your best to climb the corporate ladder!

RICH DAD: Why not own the ladder?

Be self employed and take charge of your life!
Come and join us today, and let us learn from one another to make money and to strive for a better tomorrow!



From Left to Right


LAWRENCE is 22 this year. He is filled with enthusiasm and zest in life, always seeking for new ideas to penetrate the already saturated market. A strong believer of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad concept as well, he cannot wait to be his own boss, and ultimately open his own restaurant.
Status: He is currently taking the RES course.

AARON is 27 this year. He has a degree in Banking and Finance from the University of London. He has worked in the finance sector for close to 3 years, and seeking a new challenge in life. Even though the property market is ‘slow and not so good’ as termed as by the rest of the agents, he believes that it is therefore the best time to break into the market and get ready for the cycle to turn great.
Status: He is currently taking the RES course.


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