SkyPark Residences – Sembawang

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Skypark Residences: Taking EC Living to Sky Limits
Where sky-high aspirations are worth living up to. Live up to your home pursuits with the first executive condominium in Sembawang. Nine skyscraping towers ringed by shimmering water bodies. 506 covetable units crowned by a sprawling SkyPark in their midst. Welcome home to SkyPark Residences.

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Screenshot 2015-10-29 21.04.22

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Where a network of conveniences resides.
A highly developed estate in Singapore’s northern tip, Sembawang has an established network of transportation, educational and shopping amenities. Strategically straddling the upcoming Woodlands Regional Centre and Punggol eco- town, this is where the promise of future lives.

Screenshot 2015-10-29 21.06.35 Screenshot 2015-10-29 21.06.45 Screenshot 2015-10-29 21.06.58

Screenshot 2015-10-29 21.18.19Screenshot 2015-10-29 21.07.15 Screenshot 2015-10-29 21.07.27 Screenshot 2015-10-29 21.08.00 Screenshot 2015-10-29 21.08.11

Call 9277 4372 or email enquiries to
Few Units Left, don’t wait anymore!


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